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The SmartEdge Series support functions, such as: Ethernet Aggregation, IP Edge Routing, and Subscriber Management.

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Redback's "Full Service Broadband" enables broadband mobility, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), and voice. The multiple edge services include wireline and wireless with emphasis on HDTV with traffic management, security, and end-to-end Quality of Service. We sell preowned Redback, used Redback, and new Redback overstock. Redback Networks was procured by Ericsson in 2007. Redback is now a subsidiary of Ericsson and is fully implemented with the Ericsson product line. Some of the popular Redback products we sell are: the Redback SmartEdge 1200H (a high powered model of the Redback SE1200), the Redback SmartMetro SM240, and the Redback SmartEdge 600, which made its debut in 2009.

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Our purpose is to provide our clients with quality, used Redback networking equipment at the most competitive rates available. We respect our customers, employees, government agencies, and community. Our success stems from our building professional business relationships as we buy, sell, and trade used Redback network equipment on a global scale. We offer quality Redback network equipment like the Redback SmartMetro SM480 (which offers Layer 2 only), one-year warranty, knowledge, and superior logistics. We strive to be your #1 resource for all of your used Redback network hardware needs. Also, if you are searching for Used Cisco, visit our parent company: Genesis Global. Please call or email us today with your request for quote.

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GGI Used Redback carries a wide range of Redback products including: different name brand routers, Redback network switches, Redback GBICs, Redback network modules, Redback chassis, Redback power supplies, Redback memory, Redback remote access servers (RAS), Redback network hubs, and Redback network kits.  If you are looking for something that we do not have in stock, we will be glad to source it for you through our extensive global supply network, if we do not have what you need in our inventory. We also carry the Redback SmartEdge 400, the Redback 10000SL StreamLiner, and other Redback products like the Redback 1283411/1 and the Redback 1283184/2. Call us for details and the best pricing on Ericsson Redback Networks.


All Redback components received are individually tested to ensure like-new performance including burn-in and/or thermal cycling, restoration of default configuration, manufacturer based internal diagnostic analysis and testing of all ports and slots.


Our rigorous testing procedures grant us a 100% confidence in the quality of our Redback products. Because we stand behind our Redback equipment, we offer a no fuss 1-year warranty on all inventories (for end users).


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We provide our customers with quality network equipment at the most competitive rates available. We develop long-lasting personalized customer relations.


We support our global customers by treating them in a proper, fair, impartial, and courteous manner. In respecting and valuing diversity, we treat all our customers and employees with the utmost respect.


We encourage our customers to maintain and build their network infrastructure in a cost-effective manner as they strive to stay ahead of their competition and growing needs.


We ensure superior customer service by providing affordable network solutions. Customer approval is very important to us - we want your trust.